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About Kevin Alvarez

Kevin Alvarez is an attorney with nearly a decade’s experience in private practice, and as a member of The Florida Bar. Kevin has represented more than 1,000 citizens in court cases and other litigation and is prepared to serve his community as Circuit Court Judge for Group 16.

It would be my honor to serve the citizens of Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Wakulla, and Jefferson county as a fair, honest, and impartial judge. I respectfully ask for your support, and your vote on August 18th, 2020.

Kevin Alvarez

Kevin was born and raised in Ocala, Florida and moved to Tallahassee to attend the Florida State University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Science degree with a double major in Political Science and Criminology in the spring of 2008.

Kevin started law school at the Florida State University in 2008 and graduated in 2010. He passed the Florida bar in April of 2011 at 23 years old – an accomplishment most take roughly 7 years to complete, Kevin completed in 4 and a half years. Kevin worked at a local law firm during law school, focusing on trial work, and continued with the firm until going out on his own in 2016. Since then, Kevin has been a solo practitioner, practicing in the areas of criminal law, delinquency, civil, family law, and dependency. He met his future wife, Ashley, in 2012 and they got married on March 2, 2019. Together they share two dogs, Cooper, a golden retriever-chihuahua mix, and Wentz, a golden retriever.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys tennis and spending time with his family. He loves Italian food, specifically pizza. Kevin believes that a judge should treat every case as the most important case for the litigant because it likely the only interaction they will have with the court system. Only with treating people with dignity and respect can the judge ensure that they get enough information to make the correct decision.


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